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Friday, March 30, 2007

"Yes, I'll take the H&M bra for $100."

So let's just talk about how some random dude at the train station today asked to "buy my bra" for $100, then actually whipped out $100 bill to prove it. Please note that I was wearing a t-shirt with a SWEATER over it at the time. So, yeah. THAT was awesome.
I'm house/dog-sitting for my aunt in Mt. Sinai again. It's also 11:34pm right now on a FRIDAY & I'm so ready to go to sleep. Is this what happens when you turn 23? Can I go back to being 21?
Children's Theatre was this week at Marist. I can't even begin to describe how much I miss it. It was always that week that the weather was magically GORGEOUS for the first time and the kids are just hysterical while watching the show. Plus, free meals in the cafeteria (haha), which was always the BEST bonding time. It really was my FAVORITE part of the MCCTA season - more so than probably "The Vagina Monologues" and Festival (& everyone knows that I've had amazing, amazing Festival experiences...). Sigh. I <3 MCCTA.
Since I don't have the video of the "99 Problems But My Cow Ain't One" rap from the glory days of "Jack & the Magic Beans" on this computer right now (external hard drive), I'm going to have to be all reminiscent by putting up a video I DO already have uploaded from Children's Theatre '05:

OKAY! Enough with all the emo. I'm obsessed with the Amy Winehouse CD even though she's absolutely nuts. Though, being that I love Alanis Morissette, Fiona Apple & Tori Amos, this should not be a surprise. I'm in a great mood right now, particuarly because of the AMAZING MetroBuzz related evening I had. Holler.

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Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Katie O'Hagan Update

Yeah so the last week has been so incredibly stressful & busy at work that I haven't been around much. I'm talking worse than MCCTA stressful/busy. I actually really missed the MCCTA stresses this past week because at least when working on a production, I always knew that I could do it, that it'd go up, the show would go on - no matter what. (And that when it was all over, there'd be vodka or tequila shots waiting for me in the box office or green room haha.) I never doubted my ability with MCCTA & that's why this last week was worse. But it's Sunday night, time to adapt a new attitude. This next week has to get better. It has to.

But seriously, who cares about me bitching & whining? What everyone's been waiting for: A Katie O'Hagan update! I feel like a proud Jewish mother right now, haha.

So our lovely Miss O'Hagan has been a busy little Hollywood starlet. Last April, we all watched as she was killed off (here & here) during the 1st part of the 3-part series finale of Charmed. Now, she's been doing a lot of extra work on the TV show Jericho. The episode airs this Wednesday (March 28), but she says her part was small & honestly expects that it'll get cut.

Moving on, my former roommate also worked on Cold Case, in which she plays a women's right activist in 1919. That airs on Easter. There's a picture of her on set on her MySpace page. Or hell, if I'm not too lazy, I'll put it up with this post. We'll see. There ya go.

Next up: RiffRaff, the movie that Katie & Justen did in summer 2005 (where they met), is being shown at a film festival in Spain soon! Rob Belushi, Katie's co-star (Jim Belushi's son), is up for a Best Actor Award. I don't know a whole lot about the festival (Justen emailed me about it last month, but I forgot a lot of the details, oops) but they're super psyched about it! Here's the MySpace page for the movie, there's more info there. He submitted it to some film festivals in NYC, so if it gets accepted into any them I'm SO going as Katie's date (she promised). Yay! Their wedding is August 4, so they'll both be going back to Chicago in July to do the final preparations. Justen also got a part in a Will Ferrell movie; it's a basketball movie & Justen's one of the players on the team. Stay tuned.

Finally, the big news! KATIE'S GOING TO BE ON THE OFFICE!!! The episode is "Female Appreciation Day." Michael Scott (Steve Carrell) decides to show the ladies in the office how much he appreciates them & takes them all to the mall to shop & bond. Thinking that it's what girls do, he takes them into Victoria's Secret. Enter dear little Kathleen O. She plays one of the workers at VS. No lines but she got to hang around with Jenna Fischer (Pam) & Phyllis Smith (Phyllis) on set & told me that they were beyond nice! She also said that Steve Carrell joked around a lot on set. I'm so incredibly bitter & jealous right now, but incredibly proud & happy for her!

Come on, Katie. Hurry up & get famous so I can make money off of you, selling incriminating pictures & telling your secrets for your E! True Hollywood Story! And after those AWFUL pictures you put of me on your MySpace, I'd say that profiting off of your talent is fair game...

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

March 14 is Pi Day.

...and my Spelling Family Care-O-Meter is STILL at zero!
Soooo it's March 14 -> 3/14 -> 3.14 -> Pi Day. This means absolutely nothing in the scheme of things, but I just made fun of Cassidy Jill for having "Happy Pi Day" as her away message. According to her, "I'm in grad school, so it's okay."
OH speaking of CJ, I'm 98% going to visit her in North Carolina at the end of April. April 26-27 (Thurs-Fri), I have to be at something at Penn Relays for work (we're sponsoring a concert). Fri night, I'm flying out of Philly & going to NC. She's at Chapel Hill, so I assume we're staying there Fri night? She has a friend who I think lives in or right outside Raleigh, so the next day, we're going to the Raleigh Beer Festival for a kickin' good time. Hopefully Tricia will come too. Plus, I wanna go to Comic Con in July. Randy may go with me - and Norton, too. Yay Dork Fest '07.
Finally, the latest episode of MetroBuzz is out; if you like hearing me & John Norton talk (aka me being stupid since I get sidetracked easily & he's got a good voice & actual podcast-hosting abilities;)) then you should go on iTunes & look up MetroBuzz and download us or click here.
That's all for now. Off to help my friend Jen write an essay then to watch Lost. Happy Pi Day & all that jazz.

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Friday, March 09, 2007

Katelyn's 21 & Invincible

So my sister Katelyn turned 21 on March 7 so Eddie and I joined her & some of her friends at a bar last night to celebrate. Nothing too exciting happened, so normally this wouldn't really warrant a post. However, I feel the need to document that Katelyn celebrated her first few days of legal United States drinking the right way. And she did me proud. Kate's not really much of a drinker but her friends made sure that she did it up in style. She did tequila & Irish Car Bombs like a mother-f'ing champ. I was proud. Anyway, that said & suspiciously alcoholic-sounding harpings aside, I'm going to shut up now & be vain by posting pictures. Eddie & I basically were ourselves the entire night and decided to have a photo shoot in the middle of the bar, simply because there was a camera, so why not? I'm sparing everyone from all but a few. Though if you ask really nicely, I'll post the 2 pictures up in which I was pretending to be Mariah Carey & Britney Spears. They're disturbingly accurate portrayals, in my opinion.
Katelyn Rose, the birthday girl. The tolkein "let's make crazy faces for the camera!" picture...
...followed by the "let's smile so people REALLY don't think we're weird" one.
Eddie's so silly.

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Saturday, March 03, 2007

They say the campus lights are bright on Broadway...

I just found out that Broadway (yes, THE Broadway) is actually the same as Route 9. So technically Marist College is on Broadway. So by default, I went to college on Broadway. Holler.
Oh & speaking of Marist: I totally forgot I started a post back on my birthday after Meagan called to wish me a happy. It's part of the conversation we had that made me crack up hysterically (which is good, since I spent the entire day sulking over being old & therefore refusing to acknowledge it/go out to celebrate).
Meg: I threw up behind up Darbys last weekend! It was like, 'Freshman year called. It wants its Saturday nights back.' Then I was at the PALACE at 3am! No undergraduate under the shame of that!
Coll: I would've been there for you.
Meg: You would've been holding my hair back.
Coll: Yeah, but I would've been making snarky comments while I was holding your hair back. 'Come on, Meg, let it out. Let it out like you're 17 again!'
Meg: HAHAHAHA. Yes, which is why I love you!

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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Peel out the watchword

What kind of world is it when these are the top headlines on PEOPLE.com?
Also, I just read in amNY, the free daily newspaper you get at train stations, subways, etc. that the New York City Council is looking to adopt a "symbolic" ban of using the N-word.

"I'm hoping this is the beginning of a move forward to a place where the use of the N-word is simply unacceptable," Councilman Leory Comrie (D-Queens) said after presenting a website called http://www.abolishtheword.com/.

Not that anyone cares, but to throw my 2 cents in: Just when exactly in present day society has it been acceptable to use that word? Not for nothing, but maybe Councilman Comrie should target the black communities to get them to stop throwing the word around because I don't know any white people who aren't Eminem, Paris Hilton or Michael Richards that use that word. Yet I was waiting for the subway last weekend & heard a group of young black men using that word like they were gonna get a dollar every time they said it. Maybe NY is more progressive than most places or the diverse world I grew up in gives me a reverse ignorance of sorts. While I'm not condoning the use of the word, isn't that ban somewhat contradicting that a little thing called the 1st Amendment? The N-word shouldn't be used because people make the conscious decision to stop using it because they find it morally wrong, NOT because a city council tells them they can't.

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