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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

You always were a step ahead of the rest

Happy 24th Birthday. It's been 10 years since the last time I saw you.

December 20, 1983 - May 17, 1998

The 7am Survey

I should be either doing something productive right now, or at least sleeping for a little while. Instead:

1. Who has your whole heart?

2. How did you wake up this morning?
Jay called to tell me him plane didn't crash at like 6:30am. So that was pleasant. Then my alarm the second time, like 4 minutes after I hung up.

3. Which is more romantic: sunrise or sunset?
Sunsets on the beach :D

4. Are you wearing any non-clothing items?
Huh? I'm wearing earrings...

5. What did you do yesterday?
Went to work then to a bar for a little Secret Santa action.

6. Who was the last person to call you

7.Would you die for anyone?
I would.

8. Did you meet anyone new today?
No, but it's only 7:25am right now.

9. Have you ever been on the radio?
Does a podcast count? Does working for an internet radio station count?

10.What did you drink today?
Water. But since it's not even 7:30am yet, I'll go with yesterday: I drank water, coffee, Diet Coke, & beer.

11. Do you like honey?
I like the Mariah Carey song "Honey," rumored to be her code word for something naughty and featuring P. Diddy back when he was still Puff Daddy.

12. What's the last bone you broke?
My toe, I think?

13. Do you know the date?
December 18. I will know every single date until Dec. 28.

14. Where was the last place you went shopping?
Borders Books

15.Did you sing at all today?
No, but it's still early and I haven't taken a shower yet ;)

16.When's the last time you cried?
Saturday (Dec 15)

17.How many letters are there in your last name?

18. When did you go swimming last?
Ummm, July, maybe?

20. What book did you read last?
I'm reading "His Dark Materials," so technically the last book I finished was "The Subtle Knife." In the middle of "The Amber Spyglass" though.

23. Do you live near your best friend?
Yes and no.

24. Do you like animals?

25. Are you scared of spiders?
Not really

26. Do you have any tattoos or piercings?
I have 8 piercings, but in boring places.

27. Can you play guitar hero?
I have NEVER played Guitar Hero.

28. How do you walk?
Like Frankie Valli

29. What do you think of Fergie?
What does it matter? I think her boyfriend is somewhat attractive, back from his All My Children days. Updated: I now also think she's hilarious.

30. Do you read Rolling Stone?
Not really anymore.

31. Do you believe in love?
I do.

32. Have you seen Titanic?
I defer this question to Princess Cupcake Assface himself, Randy. But yes, I have.

33. Did it make you cry?
Everything makes me cry nowadays. But don't tell anyone.

34. Do you want to get married?

35. How old do you want to be when you have kids?
Not too young that I don't get to live life, but not too old that I'm 429 years old at my kid's Sweet 16.

36. Who was the last person you rode in a car with?
My mom.

37. When was the last time you were so high you threw up?
Why would you make yourself high enough to throw up? That's not really fun.

38. What are you doing tonight?
Maybe seeing a movie, then maybe going to an open bar with Amanda, then recording MetroBuzz. Or maybe that order will switch around, depending on whether or not I can get a guarantee that recording won't take the normal 6 hours of my life that it shouldn't be doing.

39. Where were you five hours ago?

40. Are you wearing socks right now?

41. What have you eaten today?
Nothing yet.

42. What are you wearing right now?
Pajama's. Actually, flanel PJ pants & a Longwood High School Theatre shirt (South Pacific for anyone who really wants to be technical).

43. Have you bought any clothing items in the last week?
I don't think so.

44. What is the last thing you purchased online?
I try to stay away from online shopping, since it's addictive and dangerous, but after the Yankees lost the ALDS, I got mad & bought a Vera Bradley bag online, which I am still in love with.

45. Do you miss anyone?
All the time.

46. Do you get scared easily?
Depends on what type of scared. Not really of stuff like scary movies or bugs or the dark or trying new things. I've found that when you conquer one fear, another one just pops up to take its place. That's kinda disturbing to me.

47. Do you curse a lot?
Like a sailor, but I'm working on it.

48. Are you scared of the dark?
Not at all.

49. Who was the last person in your bed?
I was.

50: What do you know about the future?
That it's coming and it's not bad if it's different than you always thought it would be. And that everything will be okay in the end.


Friday, December 14, 2007

Caesar doesn’t have the slightest idea what’s really going on.

"Maturity is a bitter disappointment for which no remedy exists, unless laughter can be said to remedy anything.”
This has been both a good week & a crappy week, but when I saw this on Wednesday, it made me laugh:

Laugh while you can kids, you never know when you won't be allowed to anymore.


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

That Time I Didn't See Mos Def Followed By That Time I Saw The New Pornographers

It's been a busy busy few days. Monday night I was invited to see Mos Def & Justice perform at the Bowery Ballroom for Fader magazine and Cornerstone Mixtape's 150 party. I wasn't allowed a plus one, unfortunately. Though I pretend like I had the greatest time when I wrote about it for Starked NY (that's how I was invited), it was NOT that much fun. I started out bored, then made a "friend" in this woman who was there by herself bc she worked with one of the sponsors til I lost her after I went to the bathroom. Then I spent the next like 3 hours by myself and did that thing you do when you make yourself miserable by harping on the fact that you're the only person there without ANYONE to talk to. I saw most of Justice but was cold and it was getting late and I was just getting progressively more pissed off in general that I left a little after midnight, before Mos Def came on (though I read on Brooklyn Vegan that he didn't come on til like 1am). It really would have been fun if I had someone there with me that I knew. Justice wasn't bad but the indie band that opened (White Williams) really wasn't that great. Some guy who worked for Fader, who was taking video and pictures, told me he saw them at CMJ this year and they were much better, but who knows?

At least it was sponsored by Southern Comfort, so the entire night was open bar and only of SoCo, Jack Daniel's, and Budweiser Select. So that was fun to entertain/feed into my feelings of self-pity for a little while til my rational side kicked in and reminded me that walking down Delancey really late at night, drunk and alone, was definitely one of the DUMBEST things that I could do, so I cut myself off at like 10:30pm before I could even get a good buzz.

Last night, Amanda & I skipped out on this Women's In Music event at the Chelsea Hotel in order to head to the Apple store in Soho to see The New Pornographers. It was fun but the acoustics from where we were standing weren't so great, so it was hard to hear the vocals at points. However, I must say that Neko Case is really pretty in person (at least I think so), even if her hair isn't quite as red as it is in all the promo pictures, haha.

Here's the setlist:

1. All of the Things That Go To Make Heaven and Earth
2. Use It
3. All the Old Showstoppers
4. Challengers
5. My Rights Versus Yours
6. Adventures in Solitude
7. The Laws Have Changed
8. Unguided
9. Don’t Bring Me Down (ELO cover)
Encore: Bleeding Heart Show

I took a video of them singing "My Rights Versus Yours," but it's not the best of quality. Pictures and the video are also posted on Starked NY (can you tell that I'm trying to get as many page hits as possible on it nowadays. I realized the mo' hits, the mo' money, the mo' I have for plane tickets to North Carolina, so support a lovesick gal and freaking refresh that shit every hour on the hour. I don't really care for writing about celebs much anymore but $$$$$ & xoxo is a helluva motivation.)

Monday, December 10, 2007

East Village Reunion

Saturday night was a little Marist reunion of sorts, organized by Eddie (who's birthday is today - HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOME FRY!!!) and the rest of the boys from the Deceitful Whore (the name for Eddie's apartment our junior/senior years). It didn't end up being on the Upper West Side, but rather in the East Village. Yay L Train! (Sarcasm.) I forget the name of the bar we went to, but it was this little Irish pub type place that was really fun. Caught up a little with Julia and Anthony, who I haven't seen in way too long, so that was fun. Nothing really of note happened except the girl who was in the one-stall ladies room for way long, then some dude came out and after like 25-minutes and went, "Oh, she's really sick in there." Suuuurrreeeee. "Sick." If by "sick" you mean ---- ah, I'm trying to keep this PG-13, so use your imagination. But it's exactly what you're thinking.
So anyways, pictures below, yadda yadda. Nothing too exciting.
To note: Check out the new Billy Joel song, which is from the perspective of a soldier and sung by this dude from LI. I want Billy Joel to write a song for ME to sing. Granted, I don't really sing or do anything musical anymore except work in the music industry, BUT I'd totally sing a song in public if Billy Joel told me to. That's all, the end.

Home Fries Reunited!
Julia likes to stare at my chest.

What's up, asshole?


Group photos are fun.

Amanda's new Facebook photo?

Apparently I bite.

Random pic that looked like a cross between Ronald Reagan and Satan.

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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Of North Carolina, Moby & Reunions

Okay, so. Saturday night. I've done basically nothing all day but clean and read and watch TV. I went to bed at 5:30pm last night because I had a bit of a migraine. My head hurt for most of today, but it feels much better. I'm going out to the Upper West Side in an hour to meet up with Eddie, Anthony, and whoever else for a little Marist reunion.

So I was in North Carolina last week, from Tuesday, November 27 - Sunday, December 2. Luckily, I had a relatively smooth airport experience both ways. I'm a rockstar for getting a week and a half off from work. *Pats self on the back.* Got lots of Christmas shopping done before I left, which is gooooood.
Got in around noon on the 27th and Clif picked me up. We chilled for the entire day: got some food and then walked around in downtown Raleigh and visited the Museum of Natural Sciences and the Museum of History. Then we hit up the mall for a bit and met Jay back at Clif's apartment. All in all, a really really fun day :)
After dinner with Jay's fam at the infamous Ruby Tuesday, we headed back to University of North Carolina at Pembroke where Jay goes to school. Hung out there all week, watched the entire first season of Veronica Mars and the movie Children of Men. Friday night we went back to Raleigh and went to this little indie venue called the Brewery to see the singer of Jay's old band perform with his new band. We got back at like 2am & had to get up at 5am because Jay had to work from 6am-10ish (he keeps score for hockey games). Saturday night we went to this burger joint where we had our first unofficial date in April & then to the movies to see August Rush. It was a really sappy chick flick, so naturally I loved it & cried at the end. We stayed up til like 2:30am after the movie because we had to finish Veronica Mars before I left, which was probably not the best of plans since I had to be up at 6am to get to the airport by 7am because I had an 8am flight.

Waaaaaaay too early on Saturday morning at the Iceplex. Like 7am too early. Like you can see the dark circles under our eyes too early.

All in all, it was really great: relaxing, nice to just do normal couple things that we never get to do because of the distance. So naturally, I've been sulking all week about having to be back in New York.
So anyway, we had our office Christmas party on Thursday night at a bar called Hi-Fi. It was actually incredibly fun. Afterwards, Max, Jeff, and I trekked all the way to Chelsea to a nightclub called Hiro, where Moby was spinnin'. Yeah, I'm not really a big fan of Moby, to be honest, but it was still cool. Jeff pushed me up on stage when he came out, so I took pictures from like a foot away to put up on StarkedNY. So click on that if you're a fan of Moby or if you want to see the pictures for shits & giggles. I got home after 3am though, so I was a bit of a zombie yesterday but surprisingly not really hungover at all. Then again, we were sober by the time we got to Hiro, since the open bar on the boss ended as soon as we left the office party ha.
Okay, it's 9:45pm and I need to go get ready to leave here soon. Peace out cub scouts!

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Monday, December 03, 2007

The opportunities are endless...

Personally, I think it's been a pretty weak past few months on the Post Secret front. However, there were two from a few weeks ago that I really liked and definitely identify with:

North Carolina was awesome last week. More on that later/tomorrow, but check out Jay's brand new blog cause he beat me to it (ah, not paying attention in class). He also totally copied me, loser ;)